About Us

We are a blended family of four living and sailing in the Pacific Northwest. For now, we split our time between Portland and Seattle. Our goal is to someday sail around the world.

I started Fouled Up Life not because I love sailing and living on a boat (which I do), but because sailing and living on a boat provides me with tangible and visceral lessons on how to live a deeply fulfilling life. I love sharing those lessons with others, and hope to connect with people who share our love of sailing, simple living, family and travel.

On this site, you’ll find content about our travels, parenting wins and woes, how we solved a problem on our boat and how we just found another one.

You may find occasional reflections about living life a little differently than others do and extremely geeky pieces on how to fix something on the boat.

This blog is named what it is because life, and sailing, can be hard. Things don’t always go as planned. Both are filled with ups and downs, hard work, easy wins, big mistakes and little triumphs.

It’s a fouled up life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.