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About Us

We are a blended family of four living in the Pacific Northwest. For now, we split our time between two cities, a home and a boat, between life on the water and life on the sea. Our goal is to someday sail around the world.

I started Fouled Up Life in 2020 primarily to blog about sailing the Pacific Northwest, but it is evolving to become more of — for lack of a better phrase — a blog about how I am learning how to live a better life.

You can find articles about sailing, trips around the Pacific Northwest, our boat projects and what life is like on board. I also write about mental and physical health, relationships, family, travel and whatever else I’m exploring to make my life healthier, more fulfilling and more resilient in the face of ups and downs.  

This blog is named what it is because our life is a little unconventional. Like sailing, it can be amazing, extraordinary and also really freaking hard. Things don’t always go as planned, and we often have to change course.

It’s a fouled up life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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